Every Part, Every Step

Making the ideal mechanical watch requires total involvement.
From the development, design and manufacture of the precision components
to their assembly by experienced craftsmen,
every process and step is under the uncompromising eye of ORIENT STAR.
Today, with access to the latest technology from Epson,
ORIENT STAR is exploring new possibilities for mechanical watches.
Only an integrated watch manufacturer with this commitment to end-to-end quality
can craft the ideal watch; just one of the attractive differences of ORIENT STAR.

46 Series Movement -
Evolution of Precision

In 1971, the 46 series movement debuted, with its distinctive power reserve and other innovations.
This movement series remains the cornerstone of ORIENT STAR; ever evolving with the times and with improved reliability and precision.

Epson Technology -
Opening the Door to Possibilities

Silicon escape wheel - this innovation not only improves the accuracy of the new ORIENT STAR 46-F8 series movement launched in 2021, but also enables it to run for up to 70 hours. The development of the silicon escape wheel and future advances are made possible by our access to Epson’s micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) technology.

The Challenge: Longer-Running Mechanical Watch

How can a mechanical watch last longer between winding? ORIENT STAR began by taking a closer look at a key component: the escape wheel, and the advantages of crafting it of silicon. Unlike conventional nickel silver material, silicon is hard, light and non-magnetic, and the smooth surface means less accuracy errors caused by friction. However, its weakness is fragility. By repeated thermal oxidation and removal to smooth the surface, strength and wear resistance were significantly improved. Application of the same high-precision MEMS processing technology at the micron level as used in Epson printheads enabled the production of a shape with springiness that leverages the mechanical properties of silicon. By devising a way to align the center with pinions, creating a rotation slip prevention shape that matches the pinions slit, and fitting the washer, a stronger fitting has been achieved without adhesive. The striking blue color is realized by application of oxide and polysilicon film. The result of this uncompromising quest for improvement and technological collaboration is this unique silicon escape wheel and a new standard of long-running operation, higher precision and beauty for ORIENT STAR.