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Our Story

From the beginning, we have pursued a single mission: To offer high-quality, attainable timepieces with enduring style. Our heritage is rooted in craftsmanship, reliability, precision and beauty that stand the test of time.

At the Heart of Every Moving Moment
Each passing second is an opportunity to make your life memorable and unique. An ORIENT watch marks every moment along your journey.
Keeping Time the Mechanical Way

We are proud to be at the forefront of mechanical watch production in Japan. With mechanical movements manufactured in-house, we can ensure the highest possible quality for our customers worldwide

Our Unique and Rich Heritage

Dedicated to creating the best watches for our customers since 1950, both ORIENT and ORIENT STAR provide exquisite style and meticulous timekeeping, no matter which line you choose from.


1950 New ORIENT

ORIENT was launched on July 13, 1950 renting the former Toyo Tokei Co., Ltd. Hino factory, and began the production of wristwatches right away that year.


1961 Development of automatic movement

1964 Grand Prix 100

1964 Calendar Auto ORIENT

1964 Flash


1967 Fineness

The Fineness automatic day-date watch was one of the slimmest automatic Japanese-made watches created between 1967 to 1974, during a period of thin dress watch popularity. It had thinner movement than other ORIENT watch models, including using miniaturized parts and minimized space between gears, and used a single-piece case construction with no separate case back.

1969 World Diver

1969 KING DIVER 1000

1970 Chrono Ace Jaguar Focus

1971 Launch of 46 Series Movement


1976 Multi Year Calendar

One of the most popular ORIENT watches ever created is the Multi Year Calendar, produced in 1976. The unique calendar function shows days 1 to 31, with only one crown adjustment needed per month.

1976 Touchtron


1991 Mon Bijou

The ORIENT Mon Bijou is a Skeleton watch with mechanical movement displayed within a beautiful, transparent case, and each individual part is manually polished—which made for a limited production volume and would normally be priced higher. However, the Mon Bijou remains an attainable ORIENT model, making it as true to our brand mission now as it was when it was created in 1991.

1996 Movement with power reserve

1997 M-Force


2004 Revival of ROYAL ORIENT

The first ROYAL ORIENT was produced in 1959. Our first waterproof model had a very thin case. In 2004, the revival model was launched. It featured our newest and finest movement at the time, and was positioned as the most “Royal” of all ORIENT watches.

2004 Mecha Trenics

2014 ROYAL ORIENT Retrograde