For the Time of Your Life

Mechanical watches are living things.
Though built to withstand day-to-day shocks,
temperature changes and other conditions to challenge its precision operation,
even an ORIENT STAR timepiece requires maintenance to stay in the best condition possible.
For the enjoyment of this quality timepiece,
periodic “watch health checkups” are highly recommended.

Care by Craftsmen

After-sales maintenance is in the hands of our repair craftsmen. From general check-ups to a complete workup of cleaning, checking the proper operation of the mechanism, and replacement of worn or broken parts.

Familiarity Breeds Skill

Screwdrivers, probes, and tweezers on one workbench may appear to be the same as on another, but in the hands of the repair craftsmen, they are quite different. Behind confident and sure actions in performing the most delicate work are years of familiarity with the unique tension and feel of their personal set of tools.

Star Reborn

The condition and problems of every ORIENT STAR received for repair vary. Repair craftsmen consider the unique symptoms, make a diagnosis, and the work begins. After careful disassembly, every part – even the tiniest – is meticulously cleaned, and if necessary, replaced from the vast inventory of current and legacy components. Finally it is re-assembled, and full enjoyment of mechanical efficiency and precision are restored.