From the Hands of Craftsmen to Yours

ORIENT STAR mechanical watches are individually assembled by craftsmen.
No machine has the skills, sensibilities and, above all,
the passion demanded to perform this delicate work with this level of precision and care.
Inside and out, this is beauty that can only be produced by experienced hands.
Today in the workshop in Akita, Japan,
craftsmen are again calling on years of expertise
to breathe life into a new ORIENT STAR.

Only the Most Skilled

Assembly of the ORIENT STAR flagship Skeleton is entrusted to only a very few master craftsmen. Only after earning numerous skill qualifications and rigorous training is a craftsman allowed to sit at a flagship assembly bench. More than 100 components go into each movement. Some are so small that even handling with precision tweezers is a challenge. It takes extreme concentration, the hands of a surgeon, and a love for the enchanting complexity to make a mechanical watch as beautiful and accurate as the ORIENT STAR flagship.

Sallaz Polishing for
a Mirror of Beauty

True Sallaz polishing (also known as black polishing because of a surface so perfectly smooth it appears black from a certain angle) is a labor-intensive task reserved only for high-end watches. The alluring luster of the mirror surface is yet another facet of ORIENT STAR fascination only the hands of a craftsman can create.