Over 70 Years of Heritage and Ambition

Since its birth in 1951,
ORIENT STAR has crafted quality mechanical watches.
Only when the thumb and finger grasp the crown and begin winding
the mainspring, does a mechanical timepiece come to life.
This simple yet profound relationship embodies the irresistible charm of the mechanical movement.
Like time, ORIENT STAR marches forward. Like its owners, ORIENT STAR celebrates its heritage,
but always looks ahead to creating a better time.
For over 70 years, our ambition to be your constant companion
on the journey through life has inspired us to craft
an ever brighter ORIENT STAR.


The first ORIENT STAR debuted in 1951. Distinctive blue steel hands and other details of fine craftsmanship marked it as the product of authentic watchmaking. From the first generation to present, the ORIENT STAR logo has remained unchanged – a declaration of a rich heritage and true value that stands and shines through the changing times.

2021, Birth of
the New Skeleton

Beautiful and practical, the newskeleton model mesmerizes with the revealed exquisite intricacy of its finely crafted movement and gratifies with the practicality of its evolved 70-hour power reserve. Wound and put away for the weekend, it is already marking the moments of a new week when you wrap it around your wrist on Monday morning.