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The Orient Star Layered Skeleton

There is a delicate balance between creativity and functionality that all watchmakers strive to achieve. We depend on our watches to guide us through our daily rituals and routines while also requiring them to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. The simple act of winding a mechanical movement provides an opportunity to pause, a quiet moment to reflect before the chaos of the day begins.

Our watches travel everywhere with us – in our homes, across our cities, and around the world. They are companions during our most exciting adventures and also in the quiet moments between. Over the course of the last 70 years, Orient Star has masterfully achieved the fusion of practical functionality and inspiring style, following the pursuit of “shining stars” in design, manufacturing, and watchmaking.

Orient Star has long had a unique approach to Japanese craftsmanship and style. Japan is a country of harmonious juxtapositions, and Orient Star’s watches are no different – there is an undeniable desire to honor tradition while reinventing the place where form and function meet. By taking great influence from Japanese street culture and design, Orient Star manufactures watches that speak to a global audience of those who appreciate thoughtful design and fine craftsmanship.

Orient Star watches are intended to function as reliable timekeeping devices, but perhaps even more importantly, Orient Star watches are designed to look even better than they tell time.

In celebration of its 70th Anniversary, Orient Star introduces the Layered Skeleton to the Contemporary collection. This is a watch that is designed to be worn, and worn well.

Introducing the Orient Star Layered Skeleton

Inspired by menswear and the growing sartorial culture around the world, the Orient Star Layered Skeleton subtly incorporates iconic menswear patterns throughout the watch’s intricate design. Japan is the epicenter of a new era of menswear that reinvents traditional patterns, cuts, and materials, so it feels only fitting that this new collection of watches takes inspiration from the materials, drapes, and fit of fine suiting.

The Layered Skeleton puts pattern and texture on full display and lets the wearer take a look inside the movement like never before with a new two-layer dial design. Influenced by the textures of bespoke tailoring, the top layer of the dial represents suiting outerwear – be it a blazer or overcoat, season depending. Etched with a detailed herringbone pattern, the dial texture is both subtle and intricate. As light shines across the dial the variation in the pattern transforms before your very eyes.

The lower layer of the dial subtly incorporates a paisley pattern with a luster that mimics the Cupra or silk lining peeking out of a fine jacket. In further integrating the paisley motif, the semi-skeleton opening on the left side of the dial is paisley-shaped itself, revealing the balance wheel, the beating heart of the watch’s movement, in a discreet and very considered way.

With two distinct colorways, the contrasting patterns and layered design of the dial provide a sense of depth. Brown and black herringbone dials are set against a deep blue paisley lower dial, providing the wearer with a striking textural contrast one may find in a jacket to be worn for a more formal occasion. With rose gold accents across the indexes and hands, this inspiring combination exudes a sense of playful formality.

Alternatively, when rendered with a striking white herringbone dial, the lower dial is finished in simple silver which creates a delicate look that remains simply unadorned but shines and provides an entirely different sense of depth across the dial. With matching silver indexes and text, the blued hands stand out in a brilliantly.

The Orient Star Layered Skeleton continues to impress beneath the dial, where the sartorial inspiration continues. All models are home to an exceptional in-house 46-F6 series movement and outfitted with a new silicon escape wheel, resulting in an automatic watch with an impressive 50-hour power reserve, hand winding, and second-hand hacking.

The skeletonization continues at 12 o’clock, revealing the watch’s power reserve set inside matching paisley or silvered plates. Every Orient Star watch is built by skilled hands and the attention to detail shines through every element.

The multi-faceted case of the Layered Skeleton features gently curving lugs intended to invoke the spirit of draped suiting fabric or even the dimple of a tie. The five-piece link bracelet is both formal and sporty, allowing the watch to transition seamlessly between work and play. The watch can alternatively be worn on a leather strap for a more sophisticated feel.

  • The dual-curved sapphire crystal provides additional elegance while also ensuring water resistance to 100 meters. Set beneath the crystal, the watch’s hands show off a mirrored finish and luminous inserts, ensuring improved visibility without compromising on quality or style.

    At 41mm, the Layered Skeleton sits beautifully on the wrist. This modern size ensures that the Orient Star Layered Skeleton is incredibly wearable under the sleeve of a jacket, while also being sure to make a lasting impression.

    *Reprinted from HODINKEE.COM Edition MAY.22.2021

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