Warning about fraudulent emails and scams

There have been reports of fraudulent emails that appear to have originated from ORIENT staff or an ORIENT distributor directing users who received the emails to submit payment of funds to a different bank account than the one that ORIENT directs its customers to use. Please exercise extreme caution with regards to such emails and check details thoroughly before proceeding with any attempted action.

Warning about fraudulent online shops

Thank you for your warm and continued support of ORIENT products. There have been reports of fraudulent sites that attempt to pass themselves off as official ORIENT online shops. These sites fraudulently use ORIENT trademarks and product images without permission or authorization, claiming to be official ORIENT retailers or presenting themselves as registered online shops that sell authentic ORIENT brand watches. There have been incidents in which merchandise purchased through these online shops did not reach the user who placed the order even after payment was made. These online shops use words and phrases designed to draw in customers such as "parallel imports," "low prices," and "outlet store," and offer what they claim to be authentic ORIENT products at ridiculously low prices. There have been issues where customers did not receive the merchandise that they ordered even after making payment and could not contact the supposed online shop for assistance afterward. Please be aware that ORIENT accepts no responsibility or liability for loss incurred from orders placed on such online shops. Please exercise extreme caution in dealing with such online shops and purchase only through authorized shops.