Providing Value that Exceeds Your Expectations

Masayuki Kawana President
  • Founded in 1950, Orient Watch has been providing the world with unique and distinctive timepieces. Today, the Orient brand is cherished by customers in more than 70 countries.
    Orient has built an image and earned customer loyalty as a distinguished mechanical watchmaker by tailoring its timepieces to the characteristics of different markets. In Japan, Orient is best known for its exquisite line of mechanical watches in the Orient Star collection, as well as the products in its multifunction sport collection and classic series. Overseas, Orient has rolled out collections of mechanical watches that carry the twin lion symbol of the Orient brand.
  • In recent years, the competitive landscape has shifted, and many consumers refocusing on the prestige factor of a brand in addition to the essential timekeeping function. The emergence of smart watches as a new product category has brought further change.
  • With customer needs and options growing, we at Orient Watch will continue to drive evolution in our core mechanical watches and to expand and enhance our product lines by taking full advantage of the management resources in our corporate group.
    The entire Orient team is committed to winning and keeping your loyalty by continuing to provide value that exceeds your expectations.
  • Masayuki Kawana
    Masayuki Kawana